Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen is a ridiculously dirty place where many of the locals are just disgusting. Not sad poor disgusting, we’re talking “I have some money and a job but I will still spit everywhere and cough on people and yell and pick my nose and smell like shit” disgusting. This is not a tourist area and never will be. Expats come here for jobs (I have some friends who own a bar there and who run other lucrative businesses) and sometimes I feel like they must be wanted by the US mob to live here…ha!

One of the problems I have with meeting people in cities like this is I always feel like they are lying to me about what they do, why they do it, and how successful they are at it. In the US and in other international modern cities you would leave tracks. You wouldn’t tell me that you were a successful banker in NYC for 7 years and now you live in a hovel in mainland china and are complaining about the price of a cheeseburger…simply because you felt like it. Makes no sense cause you know I’d find out. In China, you can be anybody.

Anyway, not going back. If you can stand it, I think building a successful business there would be a breeze. More people than you could imagine, all coming into money for the first time so they don’t know what to do with it. These guys will buy bottle service and not drink one sip, just to prove and publicize that they can get bottle service. Income is growing far faster than the infrastructure. Entrepreneurs know what I’m talking about.

Notes to self:

-Frankie’s is the shit 🙂


Marco Polo Shenzhen (Jan. 2011)

Sheraton Four Points Shenzhen (Jun. 2012)