Your ass can get lost in this town. Correction, your ass will get lost in this town. The area around the Alcazar and Catedral are figure out-able, but venturing from there can be tough. Maybe I’m just super tired! I did get the hop on hop off bus, but it literally does not even go into old town…I’m sure it literally can’t, but that’s no excuse! Man though, these streets can be fucking narrow for a large city. I mean I had a moment or two where I had no idea how this car and I were both going to fit on this road…remember that scene in the NYC subway in Superman II? Lex you sly mother fucker. Anyway, Sevilla outside of old town has fallen on some rough times. Graffiti everywhere. Closed shops everywhere. I don’t know what to say. Even on the bus tour it was like, yeah, there’s not much left to see.

The old town area to the west of the Alcazar is some of the best walking in all of Europe. Venice comes to mind with their tiny streets and you can’t see 100 feet beyond you because the streets curve so much and so often. The shopping streets in the Tetuan and Sierpes area were actually kind of nice. Chainy for Spain I guess, but not for me. The Triana area was a little bland and their “bar” area along the river wasn’t as dense as I wanted it to be.

The recommended “markets” next to the Triana bridge on the Alcazar side and across the bridge in Triana proper were pretty basic examples of markets. Nothing too interesting. Iberico ham everywhere. Tapa bars everywhere (but NOT MANY ham bars, haha). They were indoor markets though, and not gigantic by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s not even right for us to talk about this. Go to the Aire De Seville baths. Any trip to Seville without going here would be a waste. Yes, I’ve been to Turkish baths before, I’ve even been to a god damn Russian bath in Russia, this, this is something extraordinary. A first world country doing what all of those third world countries can’t, which is replicate old world extravagance. This is it my friends. And yeah, splurge for the extras you cheap mother fucker. The massage makes all the difference in the world. I’d argue that the hammam (which admittedly was pretty simple) and the salt water pool were my favorites. The rooftop pool (which you only get with certain treatments) had a fantastic view, but overall it was meh. You go downstairs to hit giant steam rooms and salt baths. You go upstairs to hit hot tubs and humongous wading pools. You go up even more stairs to visit the huge and oddly regal massage rooms. I could’ve spent all day here.

My hotel had a spa as well, which they do by appointments…and I was the only one during my time slot, double perfect.

Notes to self:

-Getting the hop on hop off bus was not remotely necessary in my opinion. Everything that is cool to see is within walking distance of where you should be staying (near the center of the old town).
-The train station is not close. Not close at all. Why did you walk? What the f were you thinking?
-The Alcazar and Cathedral are cool of course…that’s the main point for most people I think.
-The EME Catedral could not possibly of been in a better location.


EME Catedral Seville (May 2015)

Hotel Alminar Seville (Apr. 2006)