San Francisco

I never quite figured out why so many people love San Francisco. The weather kinda sucks and there are massive hills everywhere. I should probably move there just to get in shape! That being said, it has some of the best bars and restaurants in the US, plenty of cool hotels, and a bayside road filled with various markets, piers, and views. I like visiting if the weather is good and if I have a friend who lives there at the time.

Notes to self:

-Do the Alcatraz tour again, that shit was cool.
-Rent a limo and do more wine country. It’s a gorgeous drive and the wineries are close enough together, and you can schedule some fun small ones.
-Gotta go to a baseball game every time. What a perfect stadium.
-Love that trolley!


W Hotel San Francisco (Mar. 2007)

Clift San Francisco (Sep. 2011)