Saigon is a pretty cool city. It’s most definitely an “in the process” city, but I feel like they’ll work it out. The people are very nice, the girls are pretty, and the city center is quite walkable. It’s not overly communist like say mainland china, but you still definitely know that you are in a socialist world. The people ride motorbikes and scooters like it’s nobody’s business. I mean they are everywhere and they are in charge, no question. The streets are filled with little shops and there is street food everywhere (not as much pho as I expected), kind of like Thailand but heavier on the rice and the wrappings…and bahn mi. Speaking of pho…why is soup good. Oh the flavors are so complex! Its soup dude. Don’t try and church it up.

Notes to self:

-Hit up the war remnants museum. While this place is heartbreaking, its still really cool to visit the war museum in the other sides country. As a sidebar, they used to call it the American War Crimes museum…but none of the English speaking tourists would go!
-Ben Than market is like most markets in Asia…but I love how when the shop keepers grab you here, they smile. Loved the food stalls in the center and on the edges. These places were the shit and lunch there is a must. I’m still wondering if I was supposed to eat this one thing…the lady just kept laughing every time I asked!
-While there were a lot of people asking for massage, and many scooter guys asking if you want a ride and then a girl, I found it to be better than Thailand and Manila for solicitations.
-For whatever reason, 3G did not work in this country. It’s probably the only place I’ve been to in my life where I couldn’t even pay for internet services…but maybe it was just AT&T


Caravelle (Nov. 2013)