One of the problems with the modern age is that we’ve seen too much. We’ve become way too desensitized. The effect that the Sistine chapel is going to have on my grandmother is going to far outweigh the effect it will have on me. Maybe I’m just jaded, but I (along with anyone else my age or younger) has already seen every sight the world has to offer, in an even more brilliant color structure than real life, in countless movies, commercials, and internet pics. I’m not saying that standing in that room and looking up at a work by Michelangelo isn’t cool, I’m just asking how cool can it be when you’ve already seen it so many times. The effect and experience may be fantastic, but it’s nowhere near as fantastic as you want it to be. St. Peters basilica is huge, but lots of buildings are huge now. It’s ornate as hell, but what it immediately made me think of was how many homeless people could of been saved if it had never been built. The museum was filled with items that the church expressly forced people to donate. Oh shit, you found something cool, now it’s mine. I mean, it really is a monument of excess.

Anyway, for such a big city you can see an awful lot in a short period of time. The streets are all super close together and admittedly they are all super lively. I kind of love cities where every restaurant has a patio. And here, every business seems like it was carved into something ancient…cool, even if it is just for show.

Italians are wearing on me though. They are super nice to each other, but without an “in” they don’t seem very interested in the seemingly millions of tourists that are walking around. The sites are cool, but man I need something modern.

Lastly, the dick face train station cabbie tried to palm a twenty and tell me that I only handed him 5. I asked him if he felt comfortable stealing like that…and he quickly left. Douche.

On our most recent trip our hotel was right next to the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Can someone please explain to me why these are “sights”?!?! The Spanish steps are literally just steps…and Rome has a lot of old steps. The Trevi Fountain looks like it belongs at Disneyland. I’m all for history and I am a humongous fan of ancient Greece and Rome, but let’s not get carried away. The emperor has no clothes!

In addition to the things I already mentioned below, we also really really liked Campo Dei Fiori Square. Cool place to hang out.

Notes to self:

-Dining/drinking in a cafe at the Pantheon at night is pretty damn memorable. Do it again.
-There are no crosswalks or streetlights at most intersections. The drivers are quite well trained so just close your eyes and walk into oncoming traffic.
-Ancient Rome is amazingly cool. Everywhere you look in the old city you have something to gawk at…it never ends. I couldn’t get enough.
-The lights for the ruins come on way after dark. Best to go after some drinks.
-The Colosseum self walking tour was…adequate. Better get a human guide next time.
-The guided Vatican tour was pretty sweet. Those dudes go to college to be a tour guide!
-Hotels man…this city is old and grand.
-We did the 48 hour bus tour on our most recent trip…well worth it! The first day was perfect because our room wasn’t ready and we were absolutely exhausted so we just sat on the bus and sort of dozed/sort of listened. The next day we did it proper and used it as a taxi to our Vatican tour, and the last day we had enough time left on the ticket to use it as a cab to the train station. Not bad.
-Our Vatican tour in 2016 through sightseeing tours was fucking bullshit. We bought our entire tickets in advance, but they never mentioned that the entire rest of the group may not of done this. Thus we waited for the group to form, then we walked half a mile with the group to the ticket office, then we waited for the group to buy their tickets, then we went to the entrance line. Absolutely ridiculous. We waited for longer than the length of the tour. You guys suck, and the tour sucked too. My previous Vatican tour (by “rome by dark” I think) was way better.
-We did have a nice meal outside of the Vatican (on a side street) that was comically affected by an American couple sitting next to us that took issue with the “Italians” not knowing what was “Italian”. They were the worst, and I loved watching the “movie” 🙂


St. George (Oct. 2013)

Le Clarisse (Oct. 2013)

Rome Style Hotel (June 2016)

Radisson Blu (June 2016)