Rio De Janeiro

I always say that Rio is what I imagine the US was like in the 1970’s. It’s just old now, and not in some European good way. The buildings dotting the beach for the most part need to be torn down. They offer no historical significance and mainly just look like that shitty doctors office you went to as a kid.

That being said, you go to Rio for the beach, and they don’t disappoint. Copacabana was awesome but I found the area surrounding it to be far worse than Ipanema. Ipanema has a more beach/patio feel and is less downtown like. Ipanema also closes their main road on the weekends for pedestrians, which is cool as shit.

I love Rio for the people, the food, and the beaches/bikinis. Nothing else comes to mind.

Notes to self:

-Stay in the middle of Ipanema if you can.
-The “restaurants” lining the beach roads are ok and convenient, but the stalls that are actually on the beach are more fun for drinks (gotta get some caipirinhas) and food (the meat sandwiches are killer).
-Open air restaurants are fun just about anywhere, but look for the busy ones. Even standing outside a waiter will come by and ask if you want a drink. The people are always lively.
-Don’t stay in an “apartment” unless you are 100% certain that it is sick. Not only was my place meh, the area it was in sucked anus.
-Try not to do anything illegal. You really don’t need to worry about the cops, you need to worry about the burly men who will trap you wherever you got caught doing said illegal act who will shake you down until there’s no shakin left to do…we were pretty sure we were going to die…so don’t give them a reason.
-The Monte Carlo is outrageous, never seen anything like it…well, maybe in Sydney.
-Going up Sugarloaf is a must if you’ve never been. Multiple lifts to multiple levels. It’s cool.
-Same goes for the Redeemer. Even the “train” ride up is a unique experience (the track angles will amaze).


Sofitel Rio (Feb. 2016)

Caesar Park Ipanema (Jan. 2013, Feb. 2016)

Windsor Atlantico (Feb. 2016)