I like Richmond I just wish it was doing better. Everywhere you go there are empty store fronts and for lease signs…even in their “best” areas. In any case though, it’s old as shit which I love, and has nightlife areas with real character. Hitting Carytown during the day and the bottom and slip at night is not a bad day spent in Richmond.

Richmond is changing rapidly it seems. I’m not ready to amend the above yet, but I’m getting close 🙂

Notes to self:

-There are no good hotels in Richmond so stop trying to find one. Location and a bar is the best you can hope for.
-Um, they just opened the Quirk, and it is officially the first good hotel in Richmond. If they would just add porn it could be considered an actual modern hotel!


Graduate Richmond (Jul. 2017)

Quirk Richmond (Dec. 2015)

Omni Richmond (most recent Jan. 2014, Apr. 2015)

Crowne Plaza Richmond (Apr. 2014)

Courtyard Marriott Richmond (Nov. 2016)

Courtyard Marriott Richmond (Nov. 2016)