Ok. Ok….Ok. Well we were doing a week in South Lake Tahoe so since we had to fly into Reno first, we decided to stay there a few days first. It’s nice. It’s fine. I have some thoughts.

You know that cool picture you always see with the “biggest little city in the world” sign and it looks all cute and great and fun. Nope. Noooo. That area is pretty terrible. You would not be walking in that particular spot at night. That entire street has in fact devolved into a series of pawn shops and for lease signs. It’s Atlantic City outside, truly. I am sure it used to be great…but I am sorry, not anymore. I really hope they get that street together.

That being said, we stayed at the Silver Legacy and it is connected to 2 additional casino hotels all along that street. So while they all dump out onto skid row, you really don’t have any need to do that. You can walk indoors for many many blocks. I thought it was really well done honestly. The Harrahs is pretty much across the street so no big deal to head over there, and everything else is an uber ride away.
So take a step back and think about the above, I am basically saying that you will not be going outside at night…not great 🙁

Now they have done a really nice city walk along the river. It’s gorgeous and would make any little town proud. It could use some more commercial activity, but overall it was a nice place to spend a day.

Notes to self:

-Taxis are a bullshit rip off. I feel really bad for them, but Uber is the only choice.
-Our entire group got sick basically right when we got here, so while I didn’t get sick, our experiences were slightly limited. Not sure that mattered much, but it was a significant drag for everyone.
-The midway at Circus Circus is fun, I don’t care how old you are.
-The Grand Sierra looked fantastic. We would’ve stayed there if I didn’t think staying on the “strip” was important…it is not.


Silver Legacy (Jan. 2018)