Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill

I wish these were all one place. They are too close to be so far away from each other. I don’t like it, someone get on that please. Durham is cool, lots of old buildings. They’ve built a riverfront area, they’ve built an entertainment area with a giant theater arena type thing (the DPAC), they have a pretty sweet triple A ball park that you can just walk right up to, and they have a university area near Duke. The walk from the hotel to the Duke area passes all kinds of shops and restaurants and this little 2 or so block pedestrian “mall” that kind of sucked ass (Brightleaf)…nice walk though. It feels relaxed. It feels like just the right amount of southern. A few blocks away from downtown they have an area called Geer and Foster (street names), not a bad little spot. Had a fantastic outdoor lunch (food and atmosphere wise), picnic table style, at Geer Street Café. Ralegh has a downtown area that’s sort of next to a warehouse area. This area has potential as a pedestrian thoroughfare but it ain’t there yet. Chapel hill, business wise, I think I liked the best. Franklin street is wide, super long, encompasses university areas and extends well beyond their influence, and it’s filled with restaurants. Feels safe, quaint, and bustling. I’d probably live in Raleigh though if I had to choose.

Notes to self:

-Raleigh supposedly has an area they call “little New York”?? Where the fuck was that?


21C Hotel Durham (March 2015)