What an amazing place. I wouldn’t call it tropical island gorgeous, but the beach is big enough with chair service and plenty of active shit to do. The main road goes along the beach the entire way just like in Pattaya, so you don’t really get “beach” hotels if you want to be in the thick of things. I did see some pretty nice ones much further down from the center. The Patong district comprises many blocks rather than just one main street like in Pattaya.

While Pattaya has a terrible beach area with awesome nightlife, Phuket has both, with a giant beach and a giant walking street. The town itself is a little boring during the day…where you should be on the beach getting cocktails and doing water sports. At night it’s amazing. Bars everywhere, girls everywhere. We spent an entire night riding around in a tuk tuk blasting music and singing at the tops of our lungs. It was hilarious, outrageous, and just awesome…though most of the people sitting at the outdoor bars probably thought we were toolbags. I would argue that Phuket’s walking street is wider and maybe bigger overall than in Pattaya, but I thought Pattaya’s was better. Just a feeling I guess. Phuket does have a lot of side areas and multiple levels so it’s not like you can’t find any damn thing you want…or didn’t want for that matter. This is a hedonists paradise and should be visited just for curiosities sake.

One of the best parts of Phuket is its proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I’m talking about the shit you see in the movies…like the beach from “The Beach”, for example. Rent a boat and just go out for the day, it cannot disappoint…though to be honest I was quite disappointed with our shitty ass boat with its cuddy cabin “bathroom” and rickety ass seats. But whatever, it is Thailand. Monkey island is cool as shit. They take the boats right up to the edge of the island where the trees hang over. Suddenly you start to notice that the trees are filled with tiny monkeys. The boat dudes started throwing bread and it was on. Those wily fuckers just start jumping right on the boat and grabbing shit. My friend tried to give him a beer…grabbed it with both hands, lifted it up, second guessed his decision then set it right back down. Obviously this was a major let down for our group!

Anyway, there’s also a town called Ko Phi Phi that we really enjoyed (it’s the town connected to the beach from The Beach). I honestly could see staying there…but there are many less crowded places to sun or snorkel right around there if you aren’t staying the night.

Phuket is set up like most foreign beach towns, ocean and beach on one side, then a road, then hotels and restaurants on the other side.

Notes to self:

-Everybody wants to take care of you during the trip, be your guide the entire time, like in many other countries. I feel like this is essential in Phuket and the best bet is to let it happen naturally while on the beach. People will be offering all kinds of stuff, so get to chatting, and go from there. They will keep others away as well if you so wish. It’s nice to have someone to answer your questions and get whatever you want though.
-You have to go to the islands, Phi Phi especially, monkey island especially, as many as you can.


Patong Beach Hotel (Jun. 2012)