Myrtle Beach

This is primarily about a recent bachelor party event along with some notes for if I ever return. I happen to like Myrtle Beach very much but this most recent visit was not technically there…much to my dismay.

We stayed in cherry grove. Don’t do that. Too far away from the action. It’s quiet and nice and all, but there’s no scene. The one bar, that we went to way too much, was not good. No, not good at all.

We stayed in a terrible house. Don’t do that. Too many rad houses along the beach to stay in a frat house. Not my call, but come on man.

Notes to self:

-Go to the Doll House. The girls were hot. The girls were nice. Dances were 20 bucks. Drinks were reasonable. The place is decent. I’m not the biggest strip club guy, but that was a damn fine experience (and they really hooked us up with our private area).