I feel like whenever you google mykonos there are always pictures of santorini. I of course did not know that until this trip, but I suspect a lot of people go there with pictures of the wrong damn island in their head.

Now don’t get me wrong, mykonos has many beautiful parts, but it is nothing like santorini. It has no soaring mountains and cliff side towns that tickle your imagination. Mykonos also doesn’t have beaches like santorini does. Mykonos is really all about Mykonos Town and the southern pockets of beach towns.

Now the southern beach pockets are nice, and the one we stayed in, Platys Gialos, is supposedly the biggest. It has beachside restaurants and bars, it has chairs to rent, it has all the things, but the beach itself is quite small. It just feels slightly tighter than you want it to be. The bus is just a 10 minute jaunt to Mykonos town. Not a bad home base honestly.

There is a beach boat taxi that basically bar hops along the southern coast, a cool idea and an easy yes if you ask me. The beach parties at paradise beach (the Tropicana in this case) are reminiscent of spring break in Cancun if that’s your scene. Pole dancing and young scantily clad folk everywhere. Good eye candy but sadly the volume level and crowds were kind of annoying for the daytime. I like a good home base in that scene, and it wasn’t really set up like Vegas where you’d get a cabana or something.

The bus is very convenient here (everyone uses them), taxis are very inconvenient, and the ATV I rented was close to worthless (splurge for more than the 50cc version you tight ass).

Mykonos Town is glorious by the way. Especially if I sounded poo-pooey before. It is one of those special places that you’ve always wanted to visit. Europe has them all over of course but this feels sexier. It’s also cool how it’s on the water on multiple sides and seaside eating is abundant. The twists and turns of the white Town never seem to end and I got blissfully lost on more than one occasion.

One word of caution has to be the crowds. They can be soul crushing. Obviously all visitors are part of the problem but it seems the cruise ships really take it to another level. The town just gets crushed and if you find yourself there at the same time you might be disappointed.

We didn’t do the clubs but if you’re around late enough that vibe is impossible not to feel. Plastic surgery and perfect tans as far as the eye can see. I loved how “confident” the women were with their outfits 🙂

If we went again, it would be hard not to just spend all our time in santorini, haha. But if we went again, I’d stay in Mykonos Town. I’d sleep all day and eat and drink all night. I wouldn’t bring an infant and we’d try to wrangle some women 🙂

Notes to self:

-Always wanted to go, but probably won’t be back.


Petinos Beach (Aug. 2017)