To be fair, I just did Tangier because I took a ferry from Tarifa in southern Spain. I mean you can literally see Africa from there so ya gotta hop over right?

Well 10,000 people a day feel the same way apparently and the Africans are ready. They will pick at you until you can’t take it anymore…kind of like Jamaica. So anyway, you try to get a guide at the ferry port. Go for someone who looks greedy rather than evil…those really are the 2 options as far as I could tell. The evil ones want to take you to back alleys, the greedy ones just want to take you to their cousins rug shop…problem is they’ve got a lot of cousins.

In any case, the Kasbah is cool (old fortress) but seeing how some of the people lived in there was really sad. Seeing all of the markets and hanging out with camels is fun. Not a bad place, and I don’t mind being pestered…just not the whole time.

Notes to self:

-A half day was long enough…