Mexico City

Ummm, Mexico City is kind of the jam. I mean yeah there’s the kidnapping and torture and heads in duffel bags and all that shit, but Mexico City is kind of the jam. Now, I’m not saying walk around everywhere at night and wear jewelry and shit like that, but it can be done, and it can be done right. I myself had a run in with a group of what I think were teenagers who saw a guy by himself walking near expensive hotels in the middle of the night, but what the fuck was I doing walking around at 3 in the morning anyway. I knew that fucking street was empty and I walked down it anyway. Word of advice, Uber. It’s cheap, safe, and everywhere. And I mean outrageously cheap. Shame on you and shame on me for putting yourself in that situation.

Polanco is the spot. Now I found it to be a bit contrived. A bit Rodeo drive-ish. But it’s not. It’s where the Mexicans go to play, and play well. These folks reminded me of south Americans. So sophisticated. So beautiful. The girls were dressed to the nines and were almost perfect. The guys walked straight out of a catalog. It was a sight to see. My night in Polanco was eye opening. Plus the restaurant I found was great and hugely popular and I met a friend I’d end up hanging out all night with.

Zona Rosa, where I stayed was cool. The main drag is Paseo De La Reforma. This is where it all happens. Celebrations, parties, victories, sight seeing, monuments, and while I was there a gigantic marathon like parade. They closed the entire road for miles and walking down the center of it with thousands of Mexicans was an experience I did not expect and immensely enjoyed. I walked all the way from my hotel to Plaza Garibaldi, which is like the old town center square. I found this area to be underwhelming though.

The true Zona Rosa (all around Insurgentes plaza but Londres street and its cross streets were one of the more popular drags) comes alive at night and especially on the weekends. Tons of bars and restaurants. Lots of streetwalkers. Lots of sex shops and things like that. It’s a red light district that operates way more like a nightlife district. There really aren’t any strip clubs to be found but there are brothels if that’s your thing. They are the crappy kind of brothels that act like strip clubs but they are really just converted houses built to trap you inside and make you pay for outrageously priced drinks and fat old prostitutes. It’s a scam. I tried to convince my new friend of this but he didn’t listen. I’ve been here before brother, in every city outside of the US. These types of places are all the same, and they all suck.

Notes to self:

-The big tour bus was a bit of a disappointment, especially when we got stuck in traffic. I enjoyed walking around much more.


Marquis Reforma (Jan. 2016)