I gotta say, I loved Mendoza and the Argentinian wine country, but these folks hve some fantastic marketing people working for them because this place is simple. The weather isn’t considerably better than other places, it’s pretty but not even above average for a vacation spot, the town itself is pretty standard, and the wineries aren’t even close. I’m not sure what the draw is. I mean if you’re in the area sure, but this is no Napa Valley. It’s more like San Fernando valley with a ton of wineries an hour away. Don’t get me wrong, going from winery to winery is always a fun day, always, and I do love Malbecs, but you can have this experience in far better places.

Notes to self:

-Who the fuck thought riding a bike to wineries in this area was a good idea? You are literally riding a bike down a highway with cars going a million miles an hour. Sure the side streets are fun but getting there ain’t easy and it is in no way a “trail” or a “path” or anything else that a bike should be on. I’ve never heard so much buzz about something that turned out to be so impractical and stupid. Fun day though 🙂
-Mail yourself some wine next time you moron. Countless tasting rooms have the shipping process all worked out. It’s cheap and easy and these wines are fantastic.
-Tours are filled with older people, maybe a private car would be best, or even renting a car, or even renting a bike and a car so you can drive on the highway and bike on the side streets.
-Pay attention to the winery and olive oil farm schedules. They are rarely open late and lunchtime means go the fuck away.


Park Hyatt Mendoza (Feb. 2013)