Macau China

Someone is gonna have to explain Macau to me. This is the center of gaming in Asai? This crazy hodgepodge of buildings without hardly any interesting city features? I know the Asians love to gamble, so I can definitely see why Macau would be the most profitable gaming area in the world (more people plus more of a propensity to play) but Vegas this is not. You can go to vegas and shop, and have a spa day, and luxury pool hop, and eat and drink at the best bars and restaurants in the world. You can go to an amusement park or a world class strip club. In Macau, you go to gamble, and maybe eat and sleep from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, the hotels are almost all fantastic, but all on the interiors. The town itself is extremely meh, I found it incredibly boring and disappointing, and I went twice! Fuck me!

Notes to self:

-Don’t go back unless you are in the area and are desperate to either gamble, or stay in an ultra modern casino hotel.
-The ferry goes directly back to the airport and they will even check your bag all the way to the plane…as long as you make it on time and not 1 second late…fuckers


Hard Rock Macau (Jan. 2011)

MGM Macau (Jun. 2012)