Los Angeles

What a great city. Fuck living there, but what a cool place to visit. It’s like seeing a TV show happen right before your eyes. People love to talk in LA, I think because you never know who somebody is and they might be your shot at making it big. I have been introduced to plenty of people calmly eating breakfast or having a beer who were major casting directors or producers. I kind of love that about LA, some people are fucked up and annoying, but most people are behind the scenes…powerful and unassuming. It also doesn’t hurt that there are beautiful girls everywhere!

LA is giant. Too big. It’s really annoying. It’s right next to the beach but it’s like a 75 dollar cab ride to get there. Speaking of which, Beverly Hills is right next to Hollywood but it’s also a 50 dollar cab ride. It’s really crazy.
Seriously though, we felt bad for the line of cabs outside of the Mondrian on our most recent trip, it was 22 bucks to go to our destination, and 8 bucks to get back in an uber…not to mention the ridiculous quote we got from the cabbie at the airport before hopping in a an uber that cost us half the price.

Notes to self:

-Not that we want to go again, but under no circumstances should you ever go in the winter, yes it’s not that cold there, but it’s still very seasonal, and you will care if you’ve traveled anywhere.
-Walking around Venice beach for an hour is fun, but don’t think that there’s more to see…there isn’t. The major area is all you need.
-Beverly Hills is boring and Rodeo drive is a joke of a street. They should brick it over or something.
-West Hollywood has great hotels and restaurants but can also get a little clubby
-I actually like the walk of fame, but it goes on for………………………………………………………………ever.
-Have dinner or drinks at the Chateau Marmont (must make reservation maximum 14 days in advance). Lunch is good and I love the setting, but there are more stars and paparazzi at night. (they also cover the entire patio during the winter so be careful when making the rez off season, it was fine, just not the same as being outside)
-Have brunch at the Ivy…it’s just cool and so LA…it’s ridiculous and fun. People are looking at other people more than they’re eating.
-Get drinks at SkyBar. Great setting and view.
-Laurel Hardware in WEHO may literally be your favorite looking restaurant at this time. Great place.
-The Nice Guy was fantastic once we made them move us to a better table (thank you pregnant wife!)
-Weekend brunch at the Mondrian was fantastic. Regular breakfast or brunch at the SLS really blew us away, in a quiet romantic, awesome food kind of way.
-I mean, yes it’s vegan, but Crossroads Kitchen was f’ing MONEY. That’s like winning an oscar from a carnivore.


W Westwood (Jul. 2008, Aug. 2014)

W Hollywood (Aug. 2012)

Mondrian LA (Nov. 2009, Aug. 2014, Jan. 2017)

SLS LA (Oct. 2010, Jun. 2013)

Sofitel LA (Mar. 2008)