I was not in Lima long enough to truly judge it, but of course I will anyway! Miraflores is the neighborhood that is supposed to be the jam. I get it, hotels, restaurants, beaches, etc. It’s not half bad, but all of the development is like they were trying to develop America. I don’t get it. Aren’t there entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries? Even in the US developments go after independents to give their projects the right feel. Nobody, or at least not this guy, wants to go to another country just to go to a Starbucks. That’s ridiculous.

Anyway, the beaches were fine but they were half rocks, and not fine rocks. I think Lima needs some time to figure shit out. You can’t have half the city be desperately poor and the other half be an American shopping mall. It’s backwards.

Notes to self:

-Neither apple maps nor google maps seemed to work on ATT. I don’t usually care but the cab ride back took half the time of the cab ride there, and I know that fucker was way off course getting there… Traffic was kind of a bitch though…everywhere. So perhaps his unnecessarily windy, outrageously speed bump laden route was his attempt at avoiding the inevitable stand still on the other roads.
-The Lima airport lounge is mostly lame. It’s airport/airline wide, meaning every airline is included in this one lounge. They do have a very interesting massage chair area that was like outdoors. Being a completely separate room, it looked pretty damn peaceful. I was busy at the bar the whole time, which worked out just fine for me.
-As I was headed to the gate there was time for one more Brahma Choppe (beer!) and the fuckers charged me in dollars! Dollars! Which is totally ridiculous for a myriad of reasons, but at this particular point the dollar was very strong (3.5 to 1) and they were completely ripping people off. I remain…outraged 🙂 They do many similar things in my Machu Picchu rant!


JW Marriott (Feb. 2016)