La Spezia

Hmmmmm. They do have a pedestrian street. We did have an amazing dinner on that street with a woman server that we loved. But. BUT. It just feels like you’re missing out. Like you are right next to some of the most beautiful places in the world and you decided to stay 10 minutes away from it? Are you stupid? Well yes. Yes I am. In this particular case, we only had one night. The hotel was right next to the train station, and the train is like 10 minutes and 2 euros from the first cinque terre town. For us, it was perfect. Especially after I saw the layout of the Cinque Terre towns. They all had small hotels that did have “available” signs (these aren’t the types of places you find on, but walking up and down those hills, trying to find a spot we liked, in that heat, man it would’ve been torture. I like what La Spezia was…a perfect jumping off point. If I had more than one night in the area though, I would stay on that damn water in one of those amazing towns.

Notes to self:

-We didn’t go with the hotels restaurant recommendation (and actually got up from a crappy table we were sat at since it was late and there were plenty of better tables open and screw you for thinking I wanted this crappy table and for not asking us where we wanted to sit and for making it so hot in your restaurant and I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!) but we did walk around their pedestrian street for a bit and found some great patio heavy tables right down the road.


Hotel Firenze La Spezia (June 2014)