Iguazu falls are probably the most amazing natural wonder I will ever see. Maybe if I ever make it to Antarctica, or climb a really high mountain then I’ll change my mind, but these falls are truly unbelievable. That being said, they are a bitch.

First off, can’t we just make the falls a shared experience for the 3 fucking countries that they reside in. Going back and forth through customs and immigration from Brazil to Argentina is an exercise in government red tape like I have never seen it. It truly is insane. The thing is, you have to do both sides. Have to. They are each really cool in their own special way, whether it’s walking out farther than you thought possible on a roaring and giant river over metal catwalks to get a glimpse over the edge, or walking though cool shaded forest along the river seeing fall after fall, each side is not to be missed. But come on, make the falls a bullshit free zone.

Now I stayed on the Argentina side which having seen both towns looked slightly better than ugh. Neither is very interesting, but maybe the Argentines have more bars and restaurants. Doing it again, I would fly in early, do the falls, and fly out late.

Notes to self:

-See above, if you can avoid it, there is no real reason to stay here
-Get a private driver. It’s the only way. The busses just take longer and your driver will know how to do it most efficiently.


Iguazu Grand Resort (Jan. 2013)