Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a hell of a place. Part New York, part London, part Indiana Jones. It is surprisingly mountainous with many roads that a human being just really shouldn’t walk up. It has an amazing China town area (really cool walking though and seeing all their crazy shit), an amazing overlook in Victoria peak (which is honestly outstanding but it takes a million years to go up a million escalators…but still maybe one of the best views you could ever get of a major city), an amazing zoo (weird but true, and it’s high up with great views), amazing restaurants and hotels, and more upscale malls than I thought possible. I mean, how many Pradas does one need. Apparently this many…this many Pradas exactly.

I like how different Honk Kong is from the Mainland. It’s cool to see the difference in a completely capitalist system from one that relies way more on nationalism. Transportation is great with water taxis, subway lines, and regular taxis everywhere. It is weird that Hong Kong is separated into two parts (Kowloon is on one side of the bay), but Hong Kong island is where all the fun is anyway.

Wan Chai is fun. The right kind of dirty. There is only one street in this area, maybe about two blocks long that makes it truly interesting, but it’s a fun street. With countless scantily clad girls in front of their store trying to get you to come in for a drink or a massage or a show. There are also plenty of regular restaurants with elevated patios that allow you to watch all the action from the side (which is always nice to get your bearings). The girls here aren’t too pushy as they really just stick to their store fronts.

Lan Kwai Fong is probably my favorite area. Packed with bars and restaurants and just nightlife in general. People crowd this place like the most crowded places you’ve seen. But not like in shitty cities where you find tons of people trying to take advantage of you. This is just tons of people out drinking and having a good time. I would stay in or near this area upon my next visit.

Notes to self:

-Gotta seek out some ridiculous Peking (Beijing) Duck. Ultra thin pancakes and the best duck in the world. Really cool.


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