Our spot, though a little far down, was right on the Recogidas road, which if it isn’t the “main” road, it is certainly one of them. There are lots of pedestrian friendly spots shooting off of it, along with squares and such. It basically let’s out at the Plaza Nueva which was one of the main spots, and home to the Moorish spa that we went to, which was beyond the jam (we found a sweet lunch spot next to it as well). This area is right along the wall of the Alhambra and along the edge of the Albaicin, which is an amazing old muslim area with tiny cobblestone streets that will make you get lost quickly. The hill it’s on ain’t no joke. Cab up, walk down, though our walk down was excruciating (she will not forget wearing those heals)! At the top of the hill (Plaza San Nicolas) there are some spectacular views and tapa restaurants everywhere, built right along the edge. Pretty perfect for wine and snacks (and hand made shit apparently). Granada can be run down the farther you get away from the Alhambra, but as you get closer it starts to feel better and better, until you realize you maybe can’t do any better in Spain.

Notes to self:

-The Hammam Al Andalus is beyond necessary. Add the massage and stay as long as possible. You’re welcome.
-The “generalife” portion of the Alhambra is stupid and a complete ripoff, even at night when it’s supposedly magical. What a fucking scam. I tried hard to figure out what the right tickets were too.


Hospes Palacio Granada (May 2015)

Casa Del Capitel Nazari Granada (Apr. 2006)