Great town. Lots and lots of tourists, but you really feel like you are in such an old place. A place that used to be really important. I love their winding roads and cobblestones. I love that squares seem to be everywhere. Crossing the river can be daunting because one side is much less touristy, and so it can be intimidating…but true gems can be found. We ate at the White Boar in this area and had just a fantastic time (granted we were with true Italians at the time). Either way, you are going to cross the Ponte Vecchio (possibly the most famous small bridge in the world) that connects the two main areas. This bridge is fun with vendors and performers and views…but it’s also kind of a let down. The really cool idea/part/thing about the bridge is the view you get from the side. Like the bridge was built out of Italian cottages. It’s very hard to tell that you are on anything so amazing while walking across it.

Didn’t go to the Duomo this time, as I had been there before (beautiful at night though). Same story for the Uffizi museum (the fake david in the square is plenty enough for me).

Florence is great. Hotel made it better. Hanging with Tuscans made it over the top.

Notes to self:

-Watching world cup soccer with true Italians can be a fascinating experience in closed mindedness 🙂
-Our hotel was on the Piazza Repubblica which I felt was very central and a great people watching square.
-Restaurants surrounding the major landmarks are cool for one thing, people watching and relaxing. Other than that, I think they even share all the same menus.
-I would say the train station is ever so slightly too far of a walk from the hotel…though we won that battle.


Sina Villa Medici (Jul. 2019)

Hotel Savoy (June 2014)