I Was only in Denver for about 24 hours but I really liked it. Must go back.

Went back! And I still really like it! The 16th street mall is pretty sweet. It’s not perfect, but it’s lined with restaurants, the center has food stands, it has a trolley, and it’s pedestrian friendly (its got car lanes on each side of a center “mall” stretch so it’s not completely pedestrian, but you’ll take what you can get).

We were only in Denver for one night on our way to Aspen. The goal was to see how much we’d like it. I loved it. I literally think my only complaint was all the beggars. It’s like every hippy in the entire country goes through Denver. It’s utterly ridiculous. They don’t want jobs, they want to act like it’s the 60’s and they’re free. You stink you fucking moron. And that’s not a euphemism. You gonna spend your entire life smelling like total shit?

Anyway, the main drag is really cool, though we made the worst choice ever with our first restaurant…fucking tilted kilt, what a disgusting waste of real estate, time, and thought.

That being said, let me be clear, Denver’s Union Station complex and area are perfect. Chelsea Market bests it, but Union Station is more massive. Everything about being inside that building seems cool. Those folks are lucky. I’d be there daily if Denver was home.

I’d live in Denver.

Notes to self:

-The Breckenridge brewery tour was pretty bad ass, but if you’ve done one of those you’ve pretty much done them all.
-My girl really liked the Mexican Restaurant El Diablo…but I’m not totally sure she’s right 🙂


Jet Hotel (Jan. 2008)

Ritz Carlton (Mar. 2015)