Every cruise is different and it would be impossible to outline each line, but I will say this, going for the cheapest cruise is an absolute mistake. When you buy the cheapest thing, you will undoubtedly find the cheapest people. No offense to anyone, but the idea here is luxury, or at the very least eliminating ideas and possibilities that aren’t even close to luxurious.

I like good itineraries but I care about them less than I care about the ship itself. The ship can be your best friend. It can be the most relaxing thing you’ve ever experienced in your life. You can do just about anything you want on a cruise ship and that’s why I love them. It is exactly what you make of it. Will there be kids, no question. Will there be old people, yes indeed. But there will also be plenty of single people who are in search of one thing only. Add to that gambling, boozing, eating anywhere anytime and anything, and you’ve got quite the vacation on your hands.

Notes to self:

-The biggest ships on the planet are honestly too big. Weird to say but you will like the idea of seeing people more than once on your trip, and the bigger ships don’t necessarily provide that.

Cruise Ships

Oasis of the Seas (Jan. 2015)

Carnival Imagination (Dec. 2002)

Carnival Triumph (Dec. 2003)

RC Radiance of the Seas (Dec. 2005)

Carnival Liberty (Dec. 2007)

Norwegian Dawn (Jan. 2009)

RC Liberty of the Seas (Mar. 2011, Feb. 2012)