Oh Charlottesville. What to say…what to say. Nothing right now I think. Perhaps nothing publicly ever 🙂

Notes to self:

-Most recent Xmas trip was A&A Limo. Terrible driver and terrible limo (bad heat, bad TV, bad everything).
-The Graduate actually has TV action.
-The UVA Courtyard had the cool mirrored hot tub rooms (but you have to ask for them).
-Jan 2016 trip to Wintergreen. 3 bedroom condos on Dobie were pretty perfect (we were on the 3rd floor and liked it). No grilling and no hot tubs but it was still sweet, could fit 10 people. Our unit area (354) was where you want to be, the ones higher up can’t see the slopes and the ones lower down aren’t as walkable to the lodge. There were some very cool single family homes right at the top of Eagle Swoop that looked perfect as well.


Boars Head Inn (Jul. 2014)

The Graduate (Dec. 2016)