Every time I think of Charleston I think of Midnight in the garden of good and evil. Yes, yes, I know that’s Savannah, but I can’t help it. I want to sit awkwardly cross legged in a big chair while smoking and conversing in a very very long drawl. It gets me every time. Why on earth is that appealing! haha

In any case, I haven’t spent much time in Charleston. I want to spend more. It is in fact a sophisticated city with mountains of tourism. It lacks some of that slow charm I want, but then again, I mainly stuck to the popular areas.

Bay street on a nice weekend night is as hopping as any city street in the country. I loved it.

The city market is a pretty nice stroll, and the night version is appealing simply because of the drop in temperature.

On a recent trip we spent a few days in Folly Beach. Kind of nice but no need to come here again. We stayed in the only hotel that’s mentionable, and the town is a little shoddy. I loved the taco place. I loved the rooftop bars. I loved the 24 hour grocery store with an outdoor bar right next door. I kind of hated the general clientele 🙂 It was nice enough, but better places abound.
Booze isn’t allowed on the beach for some stupid reason as well…dumb.

Notes to self:

-The Vendue was a perfect location…but don’t stay here! lol
-Spent 3 nights in Edisto on this trip as well. Nice beaches but the high tide completely eliminates them. Checking out the crazy amounts of dolphins is pretty neat. Mostly, there is nothing there, so make sure you stay with people you like 🙂 I did of course.
-You must never forget what United did to you on the way to Charleston. 12 hours of hell, and may they burn in it.
-McCrady’s Tavern is pretty rad. Great atmosphere. Great food and great service. I am done with 10,000 course prix fixe chef meals for a while so give me the Tavern or nothing.
-FIG was a little bit of a let down. I would go again and sit at the bar but the place itself is pretty meh. Good food but stuffier than it should be.
-High Cotton was simply great. Awesome atmosphere. Killer brunch. And giant bottles of champagne with mixer samplers…pretty sweet.
-King Street Cabaret is the closest “club”, but it’s not really all that close. It’s small, but it’s pretty nice. No dances on the main floor and it’s 30 bucks a song for a basic dance in the back room. Girls are super nice though and the drinks are outrageously cheap.


The Vendue (Aug. 2016)

Renaissance (Jul. 2017)

Tides Folly Beach (Jul. 2017)