Cancun/Playa Del Carmen

What’s not to like about the Yucatan area. Besides getting your head chopped off, give me one good reason why you haven’t been there. Great weather, great hotels, hot tourists year round, cheap drinks, cheap and awesome food, some great beaches in Playa (and a couple left in Cancun), some of the best clubs you will ever see, and culture available just down the street. Cancun and Playa are totally different, but I combine them because at this point, I would see no reason to visit one without stopping by the other. They are different, but each are amazing and perfect in their own ways.

Cancun is the Vegas of Mexico, without the gambling of course. Huge resorts, giant bars and clubs, and every Americanized gaudy thing you can imagine. Playa is the chill beach town right down the road. It’s got style and still has some authenticity.

Notes to self:

-Coco Bongo is a must do. The one in Cancun is bigger than the one in Playa, but they are both giant. It’s crowded and loud and annoying, but where else are you going to see Mexicans dressed up like pop and movie stars up on stage.
-Beware the eco-tourist hotels. Especially as you get closer to Tulum. Some of these places have no AC, and some don’t even allow booze…so what’s the point of being on vacation!
-Tulum ruins are kind of meh, but they do have a pretty sick cliff side beach area
-Isla Mujeres is actually a nice day trip from Cancun. Get a golf cart, chill at the beach bars and watch the sun go down. Hard to beat.
-The actual town of Cancun is reasonably dirty, but it does offer as close to an authentic Mexican store as you will get directly around Cancun
-My most recent time at the Cancun airport was pretty damn painless. Once through customs, I went right to the “super shuttle” counter and booked a private van/taxi with the lady. She took credit cards, gave me a voucher, and I just had to give the bell guy/driver one copy of said voucher and I was off. I tipped all involved of course but it was very very easy. I would argue easier than dealing with finding some prearranged bullshit. Fuck the prearranged bullshit.


Finest Playa Mujeres (Nov. 2017)

Riu Palace Las Americas Cancun (Dec. 2009)

Riu Palace Riviera Maya (Jun. 2010)

Mosquito Beach Blub Playa (Nov. 2008)

ME Cancun (Nov. 2008)

Moon Palace Cancun (Nov. 2014)