Burlington is coooolllll! I’ve always wanted to come here. The main drag is just like home except better! haha. Why don’t more places in the US have pedestrian malls. I just don’t get it. In Burlington they do have chains on Church Street (main street really), but every building is small enough that it feels great. There are a boatload of stores and a boatload of patios. It is truly one of the better strolls you can do.

They don’t allow smoking which is not only awesome but it also cuts down on the regular unsavories you usually find in those types of places.

We stayed in the best hotel location I think you could have, and going down the hill towards the water they have a nice lakeside path area. The commercial part of this area is meh, but it is pretty.

The farmers market on the weekends in the park just off Church is one of the better ones you will see in the US. Packed with all kinds of food and artisans.

Super small and charming town in southern Vermont. Like many small towns in that part of New England it is near a ski resort and a lake. The ski resort doesn’t have much of a village but the charming base of ludlow will more than suffice. The lake is pretty gorgeous and draws its fair share of multi million dollar houses.

We had breakfast at the hatchery 3 times in 3 days. Yes options are very limited 🙂 but they actually do a really good job regardless. Honestly quite creative for such a small place. The restaurant in the hostel across from main and mountain had a stand out dinner as well. House made pastas along with plenty of vegetarian items was refreshing and a little more than a bit good, and surprising,

Notes to self:

-Maybe we could settle down in a place like Vermont 🙂


Hilton Garden Inn (July 2018)

Main + Mountain – Ludlow (July 2018)