Belize is probably very similar to how Mexico was 20 or so years ago. It has a bunch of cool shit and a ton of potential but it just ain’t there yet. Belize city is very interesting if you can get away from where the cruise ships let people off (they built a giant cruise zone made to look like what Americans think Belize should look like…it’s fucked up). Orange Town (where my friend was from) is as authentic Latin America as it gets. We even went to a pig roast in someone’s backyard where they had been roasting the pig 6 feet in the ground for days (which is great but also slightly unsettling when they started serving it with their hands). The resort area (Ambergris Cay) is starting to happen and even while going to the airport (only tiny ass planes and you buy the ticket from a lemonade stand-esque right next to the plane itself) from Orange Town you notice a ton of undeveloped but awesome beach front property. I think you have to be from Belize to own land there which might explain that (for better or worse). However, even this area isn’t going to knock your socks off, but it’s nice enough.

Notes to self:

-Take a river boat to see Mayan ruins. Not only will you see ruins that most people have never seen, but these boats go through passageways that reminded me of movies about Vietnam. Very skinny with overhanging plants and trees and wildlife everywhere…very cool.
-Eat tacos. They don’t add much, but they are very good and it’s just fun…and cheap.
-Go fishing or snorkerling or both. They have an area called shark alley where you hop in and see amazing marine life, then you realize that the thud you hear is chum being thrown everywhere by the guys in the boat. I mean it becomes a feeding frenzy, with giant everything around you, and yes, sharks everywhere (nurse sharks). I’ve never seen anything like it.


July 05 – All have been replaced or renovated since my last visit…