I mean, it’s Barcelona. What’s not to like? La Ramblas may be one of the best pedestrian drags in the world…well maybe, except every restaurant kind of sucks, every street peddler is kind of jerky and expensive, every 5 feet there’s an ice cream hut, and it’s crowded as all hell, BUT it’s still cool! haha. There is a market right off it called the Mercat De La Boqueria which is old as all hell and has some of the coolest most boutique finds you are going to get. They say if there were unicorns, they would sell them here…both morbid and kind of awesome. We got some cool gifts in that market, including the famous torta de casar, which is possibly a dipping cheese but I swear it hardens and becomes a beautiful stanky sliced cheese…the jury remains out. La Sagrada Familia is I am sure Gaudi’s masterpiece, but it always seemed weird to me. The crowds have not diminished, and the building remains under construction…just like it was 15 years ago the last time I was here. The Placa Reial, right off the beach half of La Ramblas, is actually pretty cool. We sat there for longer than we expected just drinking wine and watching people.

Notes to self:

-The bus tour was useful. It is long. Very long. But it oriented us properly and went everywhere we would want to go.
-El Quim De La Boqueria…squid and eggs…and anything else…you’re welcome
-They say the “Gracia” area is old and cool and like New York…or I guess that New York is like it. This is not true. It is boring and boring and boring.
-The Barcelona Cathedral is cool. We got slightly bamboozled by the old ladies out front who said my girl needed to cover up before going in, so we bought a 5 dollar “sheet” to cover her legs. This was most assuredly not necessary, unless you are dressed like you’re a stripper in Vegas, which she was not…at least not that particular morning 🙂
-7 Portes has some of the best paella in Barcelona and all of Spain. Just kidding. It most certainly does not. It does however have a great name that everyone seems to know about, a very old school and cool atmosphere, tons of famous people who have visited and whose names they are not ashamed to put up over every seat, and some of the most expensive, mediocre at best, Spanish food in the entire world. Enjoy.
-We considered staying in the W but man that piece was nowhere near anything we wanted to see. They may as well have built it on an island off the coast.


Ohla Hotel Barcelona (May 2015)

Cuatro Naciones Barcelona (Jun. 2002)