Love the inner harbor. Love the power plant section. Love Fells Point.
Baltimore always seems like a great night away from DC kind of option, if the weather is nice. When it’s gorgeous, the place is just hopping, and at night the bars are spilling out everywhere. Like DC, the hotel selection is really really fucked. I don’t understand why cool boutique hotels (in good locations) haven’t made it everywhere, but I will continue to seek them out.

Notes to self:

-Wit and wisdom restaurant was fantastic. Four seasons restaurants have become great all of the sudden, but maybe that’s just because I love Bourbon Steak in DC so much (this place actually sold the Bourbon Steak burger). The layout is nice and dark, with a giant bar area and a giant outdoor area (the dining room is off to the side and seemed kind of boring). The bar menu is full of fun snacks just like Bourbon Steak. The chicken sandwich was killer, and ginormous.
-Pier 6 venue was kind of lame. Chairs going all the way back (no front stage dancing area). They don’t take credit cards anywhere (though they do have good ATM action). All of the concessions are like you’re at a carnival or something. Other than being right on the water in the inner harbor which is cool as shit, this venue blows dick.
-Larry Flynts Hustler Club is on a strip club block pretty lose to the inner harbor. The street always feels pretty seedy to me, but this club is pretty nice. There is always a cover to get in but you can get free passes in a variety of ways, including buying them for 5 bucks right outside the front door sometimes (door fee is usually 10 to 20). The main floor has 2 stages (only 1 is usually open on weekdays) but offers great views and the servers are good and observant. Dances cost 15 for a public one song job, or 40 bucks for 2 songs upstairs in their more private area (rooms were about 300 for a half hour with a bottle of champagne). Private tables downstairs just requited bottle service. Upstairs they also have a stage and a bar and this is supposed to be their VIP area. For us it was just kind of boring…but no one was up there that night. The 40 dance is a must and if things are going well just keep adding on. When the boys went we visited a much better club but I cannot remember it. Gotta find that place again.


Sheraton Inner Harbor (July 2014)

Hotel Monaco (October 2014)