Auckland is weird. I’m not totally sure how I feel about it. The people are nice and very good looking, which always helps. They have a nice waterfront area and a decent city center with a big casino. They have a pretty kitschy road filled with hippie shops and strip clubs. They have ferries going all day to surrounding islands. I think I really like Auckland, but it must serve as a jumping off point to other areas.

Notes to self:

-Eat some steak. For me, Australia and New Zealand are firmly behind the US (easily the best) and Argentina, but that makes it 3rd best in the world…which is pretty damn good (Japanese beef is too boutiquey for this argument).
-Hit up some islands. Even just the ferry ride can be very relaxing with fantastic views. Waiheke is about 30 minutes away and is the most visited (mainly for the wineries). I found the beaches to be desolate and the commercial area to be small and boring (Oneroa has the only real commercial stuff). I would not go back to this particular island unless it was for wine.
-Check out K-road on the weekend. Good bars and strip places.
-Visit a different city in New Zealand…


Sofitel (Nov. 2013)