Atlantic City

What I wrote below was before 2014, when multiple casinos closed. The only feeling you get around AC now is desperation and despair, and I mean a lot more than usual. The jury is out on what exactly will happen.

I always get excited when I go to Atlantic City. There is something about crossing that last bridge and knowing that you are on the beach surrounded by giant hotels and casinos. It’s enough to make it move for any hotel lover. Somehow there is a disconnect between that feeling and actually arriving at most of the destinations here. I can’t explain why, but Vegas never happened, and now that every state is approving gambling, it’s never going to.

There are rays of hope though. The Borgata and the French Quarter at the Tropicana started it. The renovation of the Caesars Pier and the new addition of Revel have helped even more. Perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel. For the most part, the non casino parts (and many of the casino parts) are terrible. Walking the streets at night is great if you want to pick up some drugs…or VD, but not much more. The strip clubs make me particularly angry. I bring large groups to them every year and every year they are more shitty than the last. They are literally some of the worst people I have ever interacted with (bouncers mostly). May god have mercy on their soul. Of course, I also go back every year, haha.

Notes to self:

-Do yourself a favor and go the “White House” and get yourself an italian sub. You’re welcome. Last time there I did happen to get a steak and cheese the first day…and then I went back the next day cause I had to get…a steak and cheese, ha. I do hate the rude ladies who work there (the nice ones are a very small minority) and I hate that they only sell bags of potato chips for sides.
-BYOB clubs are nude…full liquor licenses means pasties. The best one (assuming the Taj stays open) is Scores at the Taj Mahal. The only strip club in AC that actually feels clean and not dangerous. Plus the door men at this club aren’t complete fucking piece of shit the world would be a better place if they died assholes, like most of the other AC clubs.
-Took a limo from NYC this last time. Midtown to the Borgata was $400 plus I gave a $60 tip. Limo was less than top notch but the guy was super nice. Trip took about 2.5 hours.


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