Antwerp is surprisingly old and cool. I’m not suggesting you need to go there or that I need to go back, but still, I was impressed. The Grote Markt (main square) was just as good as most Eurpopean squares. We had some mussels and some beers and just people watched. The river scene is just fine and walking through old town was quaint and very respectable. They have pedestrian avenues everywhere in old town and to me that is the sign of a good city. My mother was very impressed with the “bacon house” (supposedly looks like bacon) but it was lame 🙂 I did not look at, think about, or observe anything having to do with diamonds that I cared about, but supposedly, this is the spot.

People my age, and maybe dudes of all ages will end up visiting “Villa Tinto” while in Antwerp. After dinner it seems that’s where all the drinkers go, however, and much to my dismay, I thought Villa Tinto was an actual club, and it most certainly is not. It’s an area, and to be more precise it’s an area inside an area. Villa Tinto is technically a covered walkway going from one block to the next filled with red light doors. The thing is though, the entire area is filled with red light doors, so I don’t really understand why there is any fuss about that particular walk. But whatever, the girls were smokin. They really were. I was impressed. I also found it perfectly walkable from the old town and the train station (where my hotel was), and I found it reasonably safe. In fact, there’s hardly anything there! It’s ridiculous. You can’t open a proper bar in this area? How about a restaurant? How about anything? Everyone likes to look at hot girls, just give me something to do in between my strolls man.

Anyway, Antwerp was fun.

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Park Inn by Radisson (Sep 2015)