I think Amsterdam might be one of my favorite places in the world. But not because of what you think…cause of the prostitutes! Haha. Kidding. I do think regulated professionals is the way to go as a side bar. Everyone seems very non chalant about it and it’s actually kind of charming in a strange way. Now sex shows can get a little weird…and we sat in the first row at one of them! Expensive as shit btw. They also have peep shows that are seedier than the sex shows. However, going into a little room with someone while watching two other people can be quite exhilarating. I’m glad we were drunk because it’s kind of tight in there and I didn’t see much sanitizer floating around.
Anyway, the red light district also acts as the old town and china town (pretty cool Chinatown actually and the food was money) is there as well. This area is quaint, fun, busy, and beautiful. Commerce lining canals is the way to go in my book. Plus, the people are super nice. AND, there are prostitutes everywhere. What the hell.

We walked an ass load in Amsterdam. We set out to see the city and we were not disappointed. Anne Frank remains a very popular attraction and the line was outrageously too long to stand in. I get the draw morally, but at the end of the day, it’s a house. Look at a picture. And not to disappoint, but the exterior is all strangely modern now.

PS. When smoking pot, do not already be wasted. Do ask a lot of questions. Do not try to smoke hash like a joint. In fact, if you don’t do drugs, why buy hash at all? Oh it’s the best thing for noobs? Really mister pot salesman guy? Is it also twice as expensive because it’s so light?

Notes to self:

-Treat yourself to a herring sandwich from one of the markets. It tastes like shit and it’s small too!
-Pancakes. Yeah, for some crazy reason you’re supposed to get pancakes. We went to the Pancake Bakery on Prinsengracht (near Anne Frank) to get the supposed best and most famous pancakes in Amsterdam. Place is old as hell and pretty cool and the servers were nice. The pancakes were…fine.
-I always tell people that The Netherlands and surrounding areas are the cleanest places on earth. Not this time. This time there was garbage strike. It was dis-gust-ing. Trash piled higher than your head. Yes, it may be appropriate, trashiness surrounding trashiness…but usually it’s quite clean.
-On one of our epic walks (this particular one might have done me permanent damage) we went to Leidseplein, which is like a commercial area pretty far from old town. Lots of fun shops and tons of people. Great stuff.
-There are a bunch of cool markets (Albert Cuypmarket is pretty cool) that one should at least spend some time browsing.

-50 euros in a taxi from AMS, no need to tip much or nothing, all taxis were Tesla’s which was rad. Did not check Uber

-50 euros a piece for a girl (we never bothered to negotiate)

-Train station in Amsterdam was dissapointing on the food side, but maybe we did it wrong. Usually eurpean train stations are baller.

Staying at the W was close enough to everything. We walked so much and loved every second. Even when it rained we had a blast. Beer and women every night 🙂 what a wife.
We also walked to the Westerstraat Market one day and felt it was underwhelming.


The first time I went, in 2001, we stayed in an apartment we found while walking around, not a bad sitch honestly.

Hotel Amsterdam De Roode leeuw (June 2014)

W Amsterdam (Nov 2018)