Spain – Alicante

Just like the guidebooks suggest, this is a coastal town…that they forgot to tear down…Morrissey? Anyone? But seriously, they have a pedestrian “boardwalk” that’s kind of right off the water, not too shabby. Patios everywhere. We had an ok meal with less than ok service. We were mainly here because we needed a stopping off point between Granada and the Valencia airport on our way to Ibiza. For this purpose, it was perfect. The beach is nice. There is a weird sand jetty along the main beach that goes out to a rock formation. They have a gigantic port with plenty of Spanish Navy vessels and a Nikki Beach-esque bar that does giant events. It’s an ok place. Not a whole lot of “flavor”.

Notes to self:

-The Melia was right next to the main beach, the casino, the main marina, the beachside restaurants, etc.


Melia Alicante (May 2015)