Cosmopolitan Vegas


I’ve stayed here too many times at this point so the below is a bit of a hodge podge, but we just haven’t been able to stay anywhere else when visiting Vegas lately. SLS is great but it’s too far. Cosmo is just perfect.

Oh My! This might be my favorite hotel in the world right now. A lobby with a state of the art casino and a 4 floor chandelier lobby bar is about as close as I can get to love with an inanimate object…well maybe not that close. They have sick restaurants, including a burger bar and a hidden pizza bar (I didn’t love the pizza but who cares, it’s a hidden pizza bar!). If you are in the second, but bigger tower (slightly more off the strip) you will be making a bit of a hike to get to your room, but I saw people having sex no less than twice in this hallway while I was there so at least there was entertainment for the walk (you can walk through the casino and lobby as well, it’s just a minor hike from the strip). My room was awesome. Kind of hallway style with the bedroom and bathroom at the far end. The bathroom had a super deep soaking tub that was separated from the bedroom by a sliding wall, which was a little more than slightly sexy. My balcony was the jam. It sat directly over the Bellagio fountains. I mean you could hear and see them perfectly. I was more than a little impressed as the fountains are a must visit in Vegas, and I must of seen them 20 times this go around. Great room service and great entertainment options in the room. Definitely 24 hour rooms service…with omelets all day (the menu in general is very good and very broad). Pay per view has good 24 hour action. Mini bar is great with a huge selection and it’s not as expensive as one would expect. Check out is at 11…yes fuck you…but I think that’s standard in Vegas.

Let’s talk about the spa real quick…

We had an amazing time and most of the things one could suggest you probably already do, but 2 tips. 1 is to book the hammam. It’s huge and it’s size makes it unique outside of the middle east. A rare and fun time, we did it couples style. 2 is to book a private room. We booked for 90 minutes and it has massage tables, a steam room, a giant tub, and lounging funiture. It was perfect chill time after our treatments. It was perfect for many many things to be honest.


– The pool areas are fantastic. The main “club” pool is the Marquee. Most weekdays there is no cover but there is almost always one on the weekends….which can be negated by booking a chair or bed (they use sales goals and the most recent one for a chair was 250 bucks on a weekday). The bad ass cabanas have plunge pools with glass walls looking out over the entire pool area (most recent sales goal was 1000 on a weekday). It was busy even on a Thursday (and loud as shit as well), but its big day is Saturday. They make a very big deal of going to the Marquee so even when it’s slow it can take a second to get up there. The Boulevard pool area (in the East Tower and you take the elevator to get there) is pretty large but not very organized. People get there early and stay all day. Chairs in the sun are limited. The Bamboo pool (in the West Tower and you take the elevator to get there) is smaller pool wise than the Boulevard, and quieter too, but it’s much easier to find a chair and there are still plenty of hotties around.

an update on rooms…

There are only about 6 bungalow suites, and they are extremely expensive, and definitely built for large groups. That’s not to say that we had a bad time with 2 people, but these suites are giant…so they can be slightly cumbersome to be honest. The hallway getting to them is private and lined with butlers, who do a fantastic job I might add. The first level of the room has a kitchen and the biggest couch you have ever seen wrapped around a giant TV. This place was built for orgies, like no kidding. This level also has access to the pool, which on a busy day would be perfect. The second level has 2 sides, a huge bathroom with a tub overlooking the Bellagio fountains, and a bedroom area which was somewhat bland (except I did like the movable TV wall). The third floor also has 2 sides, a patio overlooking the fountains (with couches and a TV), and a hot tub area overlooking the pool. Both are pretty sweet but also pretty basic. I’m not sure these are worth it for a romantic night. They would be perfect for a group like a bachelor party. The hostess told me that many people book an additional room in another part of the hotel because the bungalows are right on top of the club, and thus they play pounding bass until 5 in the morning…but it was closed the night we were there so I didn’t get to experience that.

The wraparound terrace suite is very nice (even the cosmo’s basic room with a balcony overlooking the fountains is really nice), and I was very impressed. It does have a kitchen, which always turns me off (means they wanted to sell them as condos or were after some sort of long term mid Atlantic beach week stay…not likely, and I don’t want a failed experiment, I want a hotel room dammit). Anyway, the main room is large with a nice couch area and then the bedroom is off to the side. Cool touches everywhere and the bathroom was huge with 2 vanities on either side of a giant tub. The big hit though is the wraparound terrace overlooking the fountains. This thing is huge and has multiple seating areas.

One note, these suites can be so high that it’s hard to hear the music that goes with the fountains. A room lower would offer a similar view and you can hear the music. I don’t know, it mattered to me…

another update on rooms…

Got the “angled” terrace suite this time, which is supposedly only available by request. Pretty sweet, but most rooms at the Cosmopolitan are pretty sweet. This room was in the West Tower (as mentioned above, the East Tower is closer to the strip and you are closer to the fountains so you can “hear” more) on the 48th floor. These rooms are shotgun style but much wider than the standard. They have 2 full bathrooms, but the master is the jam. It’s giant and has a huge shower area…like 5 people shower area, right next to a nice soaking tub that looks out onto the strip/fountains/etc. The living room area in this room is a little weak with 2 chairs instead of a couch. Lighting in all rooms is very cool. Beds are great. Push button controls are great (but not as great as at the Wynn and Encore). Balcony on this room was much bigger than standard, and only slightly smaller than the wrap around suite.

-Had a pretty crappy experience at Beauty and Essex (though who doesn’t love that pawn shop opening)

-The new food hall is pretty cool, but honestly it’s odd not to be able to get a burger or a steak and cheese (I suppose Holsteins had a non compete across the way but greasy spoon burgers are totes different)