Conrad Seoul


What a pleasant surprise. I was expecting a standard business class hotel, since I didn’t spend much time researching hotels in Seoul and needed a place fast. This hotel is top notch. Electronic everything. Pay per view including crazy Asian adult movies. 24 hour room service. Huge bathroom with a small but awesome shower (giant rainfall shower heads with great water pressure are just perfect). Electronic toilet that did everything…everything I could think of anyway. I thought the lighting was amazing (though the control panel was struggle city at times). My TV went rogue on me and they came up to fix it in about 5 minutes. In a really cool way, they turned the TV wall into a shelving unit that acted like the mini bar and cocktail areas…nicely done.

Pool area is large and has some style, but felt a little too family friendly to me. Spa area seemed nice and serene.

This hotel is not by any means in the thick of things, but I think that’s ok because Seoul doesn’t have too many “thick of things” type areas. Specifically though, this hotel is in a little business park type area on the west side of the river, while most of the major areas are on the other side. Staff was super nice and totally on top of their shit.

Oh, and the hotel is connected to a mall, which normally doesn’t matter too much to me but it made going to get a bottle of wine while it’s 30 degrees outside a very pleasurable experience.