Aressana Spa and Resort


Don’t even get me started on the spa at Aressana. Like why are US spa relaxation rooms not private? Like seriously. Like charge an arm and a leg. Like what would you pay for one hour of heated loungers, showers, hot tubs, and steam rooms. All to your self. No interruptions. I mean come on. It was like Christmas. And while I would never treat Christmas like a porn movie, on this particular morning, we opened lots of presents 🙂 (you basically book the relaxation room like a treatment, then they essentially lock you in. the hot tub is big enough for 15 people by the way)

Aressana was a fantastic hotel. The front desk folks were amazingly helpful. I mean like always there to help. The waitstaff was the same way. Truly special service (though the girl did say she works 7 days a week and lives there so she might just be a slave who’s chained in the basement).

The rooms were nice, but not that nice (the premier hot tub rooms, which we did not have, are right above the restaurant terrace and could make for unhappiness if you want to get wild and can’t unless you put on a show). The junior suites had 2 separate rooms in them and a reasonable amount of room, and the pull out couch came in handy. The TV’s worked fine and there was a mini bar though it was empty. They did have room service. I guess I would say the room was fine. I didn’t like all of the steps and distance to the lobby, though I suppose it was close to the pool. Our patio was also ground level and cramped so I didn’t like that either.

The pool was pretty sweet. Lots of scantily clad women and the scene was pretty sexy. If they played some music it would’ve been a pretty desirable pool scene anywhere in the world.

The location was great, right at the top of the hill next to the main church. The road up there can be a bitch, especially if you rent a car, but the ATV access is killer. Though, if we go again we will stay right on the caldera hill side in a rad hotel with private room pools. They are everywhere and you will regret it if you don’t do it. Sexy as hell.


-What an experience Santorini was. I smile every time I think about it.