Aloft National Harbor


National Harbor might always be a work in progress, but it’s still fun to visit, and proximity to DC means it will always be a part of the nighttime conversation. That being said, there are more hotels in this tiny area than I could possible imagine the current level of business calling for, but whatever. The Gaylord is the behemoth, Aloft is the boutique. Everything else seems pretty standard.

The lobby of the Aloft is on the 2nd floor…blegh, but it is a nice lobby. Good lounging areas, an interesting front desk kind of kiosk, a pantry, and some pool tables and shit like that. The rooms are also slick, in their non W fashion. I thought the standard rooms were pretty small but they were modern with decent bathrooms. The indoor pool and outdoor lounging areas however, are terrible. They give off the impression of the Maryland requiring the hotel to have a pool and the hotel saying fuck you, by making the worst one they could think of. But anyway, the hotel is right where you want to be and its got some style.