W Washington, DC


What a great hotel. Its only real drawback is the exterior. It actually makes me quite mad. This hotel, that could be the crown jewel of any city is limited and bound by the architectural laws of our capital. I for one am all for tradition and history, and I love the idea of preserving our cultural integrity, but if this hotel had been put up a mile away in Roslyn or somewhere else right on the edge of the city, it could’ve been a towering mecca. It could of been the hotel to put all others in the area to shame. To be clear, I love this place, but it doesn’t look like a place that I would love, and I need to be impressed right when I get out of the car.

The lobby is pretty sweet. The “living room” area is perfect for lounging and the bar is right on point. The style is that playful Alice in wonderland meets Elizabethan meets ultra modern that I love.

Hotel rooms themselves are good. Standard W fare. Great beds, great pillows, nice TV’s, and rainfall showers. The rooms can be a little small on the lower end of the spectrum. Good 24 hour adult action, good mini bars, valet is 50 overnight.

24 hour room service is great and easy (you can only get their famous monster chicken club from room service…but I wasn’t that impressed). The bar on the top floor is amazing. Great views from the balcony bar area when the weather is nice, great indoor bar when it’s not. The only thing that would make it better would be being 20 floors higher. It does get extremely crowded on the weekends, and the elevators struggle to keep up. You can always get to your room, but they hold one elevator exclusively for that purpose…and no matter how hard you try, it will not go to “R” 🙂


– The “spectacular” room while only slightly larger than the wonderful room does feel bigger. This W has the same problem with the smaller rooms bathrooms as many W’s do…the door doesn’t really close you in and “noise” ain’t exactly your private business. The wonderful does have a self contained bathroom though, whereas the Spectacular puts the vanity and sink basically in the bedroom. So the room itself is in fact bigger, but if you need to do any private manscaping in the mirror, you will not be alone. The “Fabulous” room (one step above spectacular) is bigger and offers enough space to feel good with 2 people in it (still with the vanity in the room though).
-Fantastic suite has a dining room with table, a large L-shaped couch area with big TV, a separate bedroom with bathroom and giant shower (along with a tub). The bathroom and toilet room still have sliding doors to them (sometimes they have slight cracks…). Views from this room are as good as you can get in this hotel (we stayed on the 10th floor…POV is right above but we didn’t hear much…though we were faced and it was late as all get out).
– I’m starting to question the clientele at this point as well. Kind of like the SLS in LA…I might have to say good bye to this hotel. My “girls” just aren’t here anymore. Problem is, this type of hotel just doesn’t exist elsewhere in DC yet.
– Most W hotel rooms have DVD players…as does this one
-They have now apparently taken off the famous room service only monster club. Great decision chef. How often does a room service item become famous. Dumb. Ass.
-What’s up with the room service tip system dude? On the menu it says it’s included, the delivery guy says it’s included, but then the bill says it isn’t??? What the fuck. I always like to leave a few extra bucks but this seems like blatant deception…giant block letters on the bill saying gratuity not included (even though it is). The delivery guy said the “kitchen”, which is separate from the hotel, adds that little tidbit on for their employees…which is either a full on lie, or total bullshit.