First and foremost, I want to be honest. I did not build this site for you. In fact, you found this and are reading this by accident. I do not advertise this, I do not market this, I don’t tag anything, or link anything, tweet anything, or sell anything. I built this site for me, not for you. I wanted a place to record my travels and have a little fun. Yes, I could have just done this in a word document or diary of some sort, but I like the idea of visuals and accessibility. Additionally, I did not say that I wanted to share it with no one, I said I didn’t share it with you. That being said…here’s what I think. Single Luxury Travel is all about the modern traveler. I’m sick of every top 10 list catering to 50 year olds. I think travel should feel young, and cool, and sexy, and sophisticated. This site was born from pure selfishness.

W Amsterdam


This hotel is the jam. Not just any jam, the real deal jam. What a W find.
First of all it’s 2 buildings, one for the regular rooms and one for the suites and cooler rooms, so make sure you’re on the bank side and not the commerce side (the names of the buildings). The exchange building does have the big bar and club.

The room was perfect (Fabulous room). Gorgeous bedroom with a sexy as hell tub next to the bed with an even more gorgeous bathroom behind it. The perfect pornstar shower and everything we could possibly want, sans a view…but in Amsterdam if you aren’t directly on a canal then that doesn’t really matter anyway. No PPV which I found odd but they had everything else.

There are a couple of restaurants but the standout is The Duchess. One Michelin star but it would be cool as shit without it. Great design, great bar, great kitchen lounge area, great food, and great cocktails. You would be hard pressed to find a place like this that wasn’t popular as shit…and this was. The scallop small plate was whoa.

Perfect location just a few blocks from the old town and a short walk pretty much anywhere.

W Montreal


This hotel is nice, as all W’s are. It was under construction but not so much that you would notice. The restaurant could use some work but it was fine, as was the main bar. They did have a more speakeasy type bar that was actually pretty cool. The staff was very nice and the location was pretty central. You really aren’t going to be near much no matter where you stay (like the closer you get to one thing will take you farther away from something else).
The Wow Suite is pretty wow. It is loft style, which can be great, and can sometimes be a little annoying (which is why I moved after a couple days).
There are 2 bathrooms and 1 of them is in the top 1% of hotel bathroom showers. This thing is baller. Mega baller. It looks over the entire room and you can see everything. I want one for me. I literally couldn’t get enough of it. Where the hell are you Julie.
Also the balcony is killer. Perhaps not January killer, but this thing would rock in the summer. It’s huge.
The room has a great minibar. I thought room service was fine but not stellar.
Worst part is f’ing marriott with no 24 hour or any action on TV. How did I get stuck with Mormons? 🙂
At the end of the day. I don’t love lofts.

The Fantastic Suite was far more my style. Huge room separated by a giant spin around TV area. The bathroom was integrated into the room and was also gigantic. This was a pretty perfect spot.

Villa Astra Praiano


Fuck you man. Seriously. False advertising or some shit. It’s probably all my fault but shiiiiittttt, this is my site so I’m gonna go ahead and blame everyone else!

This place doesn’t have air conditioning. I mean it does, in the bedrooms only, so it really doesn’t have air conditioning. It’s not a small house and the main area is large and would be a perfect spot to hang out, but you can’t, cause it’s hot as shit. No haha just suck it up hot, mind numbing, constantly sweating holy shit hot. I’m so mad.

Plus the place is near nothing. Nothing. It’s outrageously near nothing. There is no fucking town you liars. The market right next door is a steaming hot mess. A European market it is not. It’s hardly a store. It’s like a third world commissary closet. Holy shit.

The only restaurants nearby aren’t even really near by. Down a steep ass hill, and while I liked the restaurants, we had to eat at 1 of them twice for dinner because this house isn’t near anything.

You are at the top of a giant hill. Took us an hour to get down to the beach. A steep, hot, awful hour.

Praiano is not an actual place for you. It’s got a little beach/marina area where you can travel to real places from.

There was a bus stop directly outside of the house but it takes forever to get places and it gets crowded. 

You are nowhere near anything. Nothing.

Should of stayed in a hotel. Damn I’m mad at this one. And it was expensive too. You actually stop at a hotel to get the keys etc before your arrival (The Grand Hotel Triton), turns out there could never have been a bigger tease.

Fucking kids outside my window racing tricycles all night. Mosquitos. Ants. No air conditioning! Dammit. The pool was small too. And the damn bottom of the pool was coming off. And damn damn damn.

What a joke. I can’t believe I paid so much for this ass clown “villa”.

I’m done.

Ocean Casino AC


We actually really liked Revel. Really liked it. It was a whole new world for AC, mainly because the Borgata was rad, but it was way off the boardwalk, which can be super annoying. It took 2 billion dollars to create a Revel…and when it declared bankruptcy they sold it for like 15 million, holy shit. Have you ever wanted 15 million more? The scrap had to be worth 100 million alone! Anyway, they took Revel and they honestly made something even more gorgeous out of it. The place is rad. The radist by far in AC.

Now even from the outside you know this place is the jam, just a gorgeous looking hotel. Unfortunately right when you walk in you come to the first and possibly only real drawback, the annoyance of a lobby that is nowhere near the front door, and you need 2 elevator banks to get to your room…but I digress.

The hotel has style. It has some nice restaurants. It has some good casual places including a taco bar with a killer happy hour (2 buck margs and 2 buck tacos) and an Italian place that stays open until at least 2am and serves pretty good pizza and sandwiches. Very good drunk food at the bare minimum.

The spa is gorgeous. They have private bay indoor top golf. They have a nice pool area with weekend parties. Like when the Borgata opened, this is a little slice of Vegas on the Jersey shore.

I got a studio suite (they had one bedroom suites available but I actually prefer the single room style) and I was floored. The views are killer, straight from the Corner it seems like you can see everything, I was honestly surprised. Make sure you get the full ocean view if possible. Floor to ceiling windows covering over 50% of the room. Automatic shutters and other things you’d expect from a place like this. Huge bathrooms with gigantic 10 person showers. Tons of seating space, great bed. It was close to a perfect room to be honest. I guess the TV could of been much bigger but that was ok. And the mini bar was empty but casinos can be like that sometimes. I was disappointed that they didn’t have 24 hour action on the TV, just a la carte which is a giant waste of money. But there is 24 hour room service, and anyway I nitpick so I know everything, not because I was truly bothered.

I loved it and outside of it being in Atlantic City and not a better city, it was right as rain.


The First Riomaggiore


Well first of all they are not kidding when they talk about these stairs. They are no joke. Like even a fit person would be like holy shit. My parents did it. We wife did it with our 30 pound kid strapped to her back. You can do it, I promise. But it isn’t a more important question arising? The question is, do you really want to?

The answer is no, you do not.

Of course you get a great view, but there are other views, there are easier views.

In this particular case you have to get to the Riomaggiore train station, then you’ve gotta walk through the tunnel to the start of Riomaggiore, then you’ve gotta walk down the stairs to the marina, then you gotta walk up the stairs to the marina, then you gotta walk down the hill, then you gotta walk up the hill towards the ferry, then you gotta climb 4 flights of the steepest stairs as were humanly possible to create.

God help you if you didn’t use the luggage porter. God help you my friend.

So there you have it. Every day in and out, up and down, and in and out. So you can do it, but why would you do that to yourself.

Obviously I did it to myself so here you go.

The place is modern, and you don’t find much of that in old Italian coastal villages. It had all the amenities and it was a one bedroom with a loft so the separate living spaces were nice (the bedroom has a door etc).

You get nice touches and a rad balcony looking at the town and the ocean, top notch out there for sure (cept for the Germans I had to yell at. You spray me with water again and I’m going to sprachen all of your deutches!) I guess if we are nit picking the balcony could of been bigger and much more private, but things are so stacked up here I’m not sure that’s possible.

Anyway, why didn’t they put a couch in the room you ask? Outrageous design fail is why. They went with a giant unnecessary table and chairs to make it extra uncomfortable. And only having one bathroom was also a drag.

Anyway, I liked it, but I will have to see it again in another life cause I ain’t going back!

Villa Corleone/Padrone


Now this place is nice. We liked it a lot. Apart from the location where you gotta really want a Shinning experience it was pretty sweet. Best looking house most people have ever stayed in I suspect. With views to kill for. Tuscany is beautiful and this place really makes you feel like you’re living it. That being said just some minor tweaks would make everyone so much happier. I mean they charge a lot of money for this place and the below is complete bullshit…

Here is what you WILL NOT GET:

  • An address. Of any sort as far as I can tell. You have to drop a pin on the location on your phone or figure something else out.
  • Anyone to meet you at the house to explain how things in the house work
  • Any detailed information written down on how things in the house work
  • Any toilet paper or paper towels of any significance. We saw them take all of this stuff when they were cleaning up upon our arrival. They took everything that the people before us bought. Everything.
  • Toilets of any size that make any sense. I have probably never written that down because I didn’t know it was a thing. Outside of me, EVERYONE who sat on the toilet had their feet dangling in the air. Literally could not touch the floor if they tried. I was on my tip toes. Can you imagine that shit?
  • Enough towels to supply the house for two days, which is important because you don’t know how the washing machine works
  • Air conditioning, even though they make you pay extra for it. Now there are AC vents, and those vents do blow air, but you get one per floor. And no, they are not in the rooms so if you happen to like privacy while you sleep you get nothing. Window units or mobile units could easily and cheaply solve this problem. There’s nobody around to help you with the AC anyway so it’s sort of a take it or leave it situation.
  • Wifi in the house. Yes, you do get it on the main floor if you stay near the router. A 50 dollar booster would solve this problem of course.
  • Drains that do not clog up and flood your bathroom. Even though they know that they get clogged and have to come empty them of their disgusting.
  • Pool lights that work.
  • Hot tub lights that work.
  • Hot tub covers that work.
  • Pool umbrellas that aren’t tattered and broken.
  • A pool hammock that is set up or easy to find and install.
  • God only knows how the TV works.
  • And btw, you aren’t near anything. We are pretty capable people, but if the restaurant they advertise as walking distance is actually so, then you must be Lance Armstrong on some extra steroids. It will take you 20 to 30 mins to get almost anywhere you want to go, including a market.
  • Now our pool heater was not working and they were honest about that and did not charge us. I did appreciate that.
  • You also will not get a single instruction on how to leave the house. We left it really clean but got the impression that other people don’t do shit.

All of that being said, and I can’t stress this enough, we had a great time, and the isolation can also be quite therapeutic. All problems aside, I actually loved this place.

Main + Mountain – Ludlow


Main and Mountain

This place made me want to change my profession. I don’t know how it came to be (I know a bit but there are so many things that had to happen to make this type of thing work), but I want more of it. We stayed in the 2 bedroom suite. Now the word suite and the thoughts that may invoke would not be appropriate in this setting. The rooms are very simple and there is no ppv, no mini bar, no room service, no restaurant (just a bar) and this particular room only had one air conditioner and it was in the living room, meaning the whole place never got to be the same temp, and while we were there it was hot as shit so the living room was freezing and the bedrooms were room temperature at best. If you were sharing with another couple, make sure you’re swingers because you wouldn’t be able to close any doors…

NOW, that being said, this place is fantastic. For starters, it’s spartan modern and the decor is far superior to anything you would ever find in a town this small. It’s a ski town and the baseboard heat, which is in all the rooms, supposedly works very well. There’s no check in counter and they email you your keyless door code before you arrive. Very sweet. There’s no check out either for that matter. The place has a bangin bar downstairs and their hostel and sister property across the street not only has a bangin bar, but a pretty freakin rad restaurant with surprisingly well thought out food.

For a tiny town, near a moderately sized ski resort in southern Vermont, this place was a find. A gem. Great job.


-Every town this size would be lucky as shit to have a spot like this. Well done.

Cosmopolitan Vegas


I’ve stayed here too many times at this point so the below is a bit of a hodge podge, but we just haven’t been able to stay anywhere else when visiting Vegas lately. SLS is great but it’s too far. Cosmo is just perfect.

Oh My! This might be my favorite hotel in the world right now. A lobby with a state of the art casino and a 4 floor chandelier lobby bar is about as close as I can get to love with an inanimate object…well maybe not that close. They have sick restaurants, including a burger bar and a hidden pizza bar (I didn’t love the pizza but who cares, it’s a hidden pizza bar!). If you are in the second, but bigger tower (slightly more off the strip) you will be making a bit of a hike to get to your room, but I saw people having sex no less than twice in this hallway while I was there so at least there was entertainment for the walk (you can walk through the casino and lobby as well, it’s just a minor hike from the strip). My room was awesome. Kind of hallway style with the bedroom and bathroom at the far end. The bathroom had a super deep soaking tub that was separated from the bedroom by a Read more >>


Look, I have a young kid. And that kid has older cousins who are ripe for Disney and Universal Studios. This trip wasn’t just about a theme park, it was about the Harry Potter world inside of a theme park. It was a focused trip. My girl and I like to get the lay of the land no matter where we are, but this trip was about Potter, so I felt honesty right up front was best!

Orlando itself is rad. They have many pedestrian friendly areas, but especially they have a downtown area with a block or so that is always closed to traffic (right around church street), and a much larger area surrounding those blocks that become pedestrian only at night. You do that anywhere, and you are after my heart. I’ve never understood why everyone doesn’t do this. The people will come. Oh yes, the people will most definitely come.

We went to a number of bars, had dinner at a super popular taco shop (Gringo Locos), and finished off at a bar that has an assload of free video games and staff dressed up in serious cosplay (awesome sauce). They even had a VIP area with a Goonies theme that made me fall in love for life…Joysticks…check it out. Well done Orlando.

Now onto Universal:

I love movies. I love movies very very much. Read more >>

Finest Playa Mujeres


So there’s no getting around it, this place is pricey. If you add up what you could spend on a non all inclusive hotel, and then what you would spend daily on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks, most people would probably not come close to the daily total that this place charges…but then again most people do not consume on our level, we are experts. In any case, we wanted 2 things, a resort where we had to worry about absolutely nothing, and the best place we could possibly find. So while we are normally fundamentally against all inclusive resorts, they do have their place, and traveling with a 7 month hold is exactly that place.

You must upgrade. You must. The “Finest” level, which is the highest level if you have a child, or the “Excellence” level, which is the highest level if you don’t have a child, are a must. The resort is full of signs about this only being allowed for this or that and whom. If you aren’t one of those categories, you will be sad. The amenities aren’t even that important, but having to talk to your girl over and over again about not being able to go to some place would infuriate me. Upgrade. Even if you have a kid with the Finest level you can go to all of the excellence shit if you are without the kid that night. Read more >>

SLS Miami


The SLS is super nice. It’s right next to the Delano so the location is perfect. I did not love their facade as it’s completely exposed to Collins, whereas the cool places tend to hide their entrances. Makes it mysterious and fun. The SLS was more in your face.

The lobby itself is kind of off to the side and meh. The Bazaar area is there also though and it’s big and fun and inviting.
On the other side of the Bazaar you get to the outdoor bar and pool areas and everything becomes much cooler.

They have 2 pool areas, one mainly for guests and one mainly for everyone. The everyone area has huge parties and gets packed every weekend. The bar they have back there is pretty rad and gets busy enough most nights. Both pool areas feel like one big area anyway if you’re staying there. We mixed it up.

Our room was pretty sweet. We stayed in a villa, Read more >>


Santorini is a magical place. You know it right when you get off the ferry. When you see those white hill towns it quickly becomes clear that you could fall in love with it. So you have a choice, stay beachside and visit the cities, or stay in a city and visit the beaches. To me the choice is quite clear. While the beaches are magnificent, and the black volcanic sand is actually pretty cool, the magical part of Santorini is really Fira and Oia (pronounced Eea). These are the types of towns that you just don’t get to see very often. Similar-ish cities can be found of course, but each one is unique, and Fira where we stayed is no exception. Imagine the tiny winding European streets that you’ve seen before. Old as hell, lined with bars, shops, and restaurants. Imagine how old and amazing and quaint they were. Now imagine that on the top and side of a mountain. Hidden passageways. Up, down, left, right, for as far as you can go. You’ll be there for a week and still not see it all. Every corner hides a secret. Every step a new view. Everywhere you look you will be like, oh my god we have to go there. Oh my god we have to stay there next time. Read more >>

Aressana Spa and Resort


Don’t even get me started on the spa at Aressana. Like why are US spa relaxation rooms not private? Like seriously. Like charge an arm and a leg. Like what would you pay for one hour of heated loungers, showers, hot tubs, and steam rooms. All to your self. No interruptions. I mean come on. It was like Christmas. And while I would never treat Christmas like a porn movie, on this particular morning, we opened lots of presents 🙂 (you basically book the relaxation room like a treatment, then they essentially lock you in. the hot tub is big enough for 15 people by the way)

Aressana was a fantastic hotel. The front desk folks were amazingly helpful. I mean like always there to help. The waitstaff was the same way. Truly special service (though the girl did say she works 7 days a week and lives there so she might just be a slave who’s chained in the basement). Read more >>

Wilson Lake Inn

This place is fine if you have to stay in rural Maine (Farmington) because you have family that has chosen to live nearby. It has a lake.

St. Maarten Villas


Villa Encore
Amazeballs, looking west at the sunset. But the view is just of the ocean in the distance. Perfect layout with one room even disconnected completely if that’s your thing.
Having a heated pool was actually a pretty big deal and made a big difference.

Luna Del Sol
faces east at the sunrise. View overall was much better as the skyline was more interesting (planes at Maho, Simpson bay, lights at night far below). Not a heated pool but a great one.
The mosquito machines seem to work pretty well but that doesn’t mean zero mosquitos, just far far fewer.